"This show connects people. It's real. It sparks a relevant conversation. We've had it three times and will bring it back again!"  Amy Stoller Stearns, Historic Holmes Theatre

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New York City • Prague, Czech Republic • Dallas, Texas • University of Notre Dame • Minneapolis, Minnesota • Rochester, New York • St. John's University • Pilsen, Czech Republic • Over 100 other locations across the United States and the Czech Republic.

"enthralling, humorous and heartwarming" Minneapolis Star Tribune

"The audience is transported. And afterwards they stay and talk about the amazing journey they just had. A profound impact. It's why we keep bringing it back." Chris Kowalsky, Rochester, NY 

Residencies: The show is ideal for residencies in high schools, universities, veterans groups, senior centers, etc. Whether attached to a public performance or done as a stand alone event, these residencies always bring history to life. Call 612-578-1203 for more information.

"I brought The Accidental Hero to our high school auditorium for our students. Wow! We also had a lively post show discussion with local veterans. It was an amazing day. The students loved it." - Carl Sieracki, high school history teacher

"We had Patrick in residence at a senior center and with local students. It was in addition to our having his show on our season series. It was such an amazing experience that we are having him back!" - David Marty, President of the Reif Center for the Performing Arts

The show is very personal, about my grandfather. It's a story I didn't discover until 20 years after he died. And now his "lost" story prompts others. No matter where I go, the show opens a channel for people to tell me all sorts of things. It's my favorite part of the show, these amazing stories I hear. I'm told things that otherwise remain unsaid. Your audience or group has these stories. They are true and extraordinary.  Let's hear them.  Patrick Dewane, author & performer