2016 Czech Tour


For the fifth year in a row, I took my show to the Czech Republic.

Highlights included my grandfather being made an honorary citizen of the Czech Republic, two sold-out student shows, the Czechs of the town of Domazlice surprising me with a pewter copy of the bronze plaque of my grandfather, my second engagement in the town of Klatovy, and new revelations about my grandfather's time in Cold War Czechoslovakia.

A commemorative coin was also created in honor of my grandfather's extraordinary experience at the end of WWII when he helped liberate the same villages his grandparents came from.  

Plans are already being made for the May 2017 tour. It is a great time to go to the Czech Republic, as they have many celebrations honoring the US Army's liberation of a portion of the country.  If you are interested in coming along, please let me know!  A fan of my show, Ben Jones of upstate New York, came along this year and had so much fun he'll be coming again in 2017.  

We might do a live broadcast or webcast of the show next May in the Czech Republic. 

Thank you for your interest.

Patrick Dewane

PS  I also have DVDs ($20) and commemorative coins ($10) for sale.  Email me if interested: accidentalhero1@gmail.com